Welcome to Tribal Systems by Sockeye. Tribal Systems is a software suite widely used by Native Americans and Alaska Natives to manage multiple aspects of human and social services for tribal associations. Growth, along with strict reporting requirements, can make it difficult for tribal governments and organizations to maintain productive software systems. The Tribal Systems suite helps with revenue management, social services programs, educational assistance, land management and financial/gaming management, all in under a single umbrella in one software suite.

Tribal Systems is a central location for departments and agencies to input, track and manage information. The software system is easy-to-use, powerful, customizable and reliable.

  • Tribal Member & Shareholder Management
  • Human & Social Services
  • Scholarship Management
  • Land Management
  • Financial Management
  • Customization
  • Track voter registration and blood quantum of members or shareholders
  • Establish site control and lease/ownership status of land
  • Manage common financial activities within gaming divisions and much more
  • Works the way you work, with integration into the Microsoft Office system
  • Works the way your organization does, consistent processes with real-time reporting
  • Works the way technology should – fast deployment, customization tailored to you